About Pam

Pam knows that life can get chaotic and become overwhelming.

She also knows ways to help you stress less and choose joy. Her personal success in this area comes from her faith and trust in Jesus Christ.


She didn’t always have this understanding, but once she did Pam was able to look at situations with a different perspective. It has been life altering for her and she’d like to share her knowledge with other women who are struggling to find their way into a more peaceful lifestyle.


Pam Horton is an Army brat, wife, mom, grandmother, life coach, author, substitute teacher working with special education students, and college student. She volunteers with military organizations and with her church. She enjoys pickle-ball, genealogy, scrap-booking, and spending quality time with family. Whew! As you can see, time management is a must in her life. That is why Pam designed a time management workshop. We each only have 24 hours in a day, Pam’s workshop can help you visualize and prioritize how you spend your time. This helps you gain control of your day, allowing you to stress less and have that sense of peacefulness we all long for.


Her favorite place to relax is on a white sandy beach with the sun beaming down on her and a light breeze cooling her off. Taking time to relax and unwind is essential in learning to stress less and choose joy. In fact, we can’t really choose joy, or find peacefulness if we are living with constant stress. This is where your faith walk comes into the discussion.

Pam grew up believing in Jesus, but it wasn’t until she came to understand that faith is not about religion, but a relationship, that she began a never-ending quest to grow closer to God. Through this process, she has learned to Stress Less, Choose Joy, Find Peacefulness, and live the Abundant Life that Jesus calls us to. She now shares her experiences and encourages others to move positively forward. Contact

Client Testimonials


Pam helped me see where my time was going. I loved the exercise where we mapped everything out on our calendars! Very insightful workshop that I highly recommend!

Dori Staehle

Next Stage Drumming, Fuquay-Varina, NC


“The Make Time Work for You Workshop renewed my ability to prioritize, for which I thank Pam Horton immensely!”

Dr. Carole Geiger

“Working with Pam through the time management workshop helped me to see how to make time for prayer and Bible Study a priority and how to move around other commitments to fit everything in. It was very helpful!”


“ Ok I just have got to say YOU are the coolest, most insightful, downright funny lady that I have never met! But oh the joy in the day that it happens! Bought your book too gal, I sooo am having trouble waiting patiently for it!”

Alyssa B.

“ Pam was very informative and helpful showing us different ways that we can better use our time.My children were with me (late teens, early adults) & Pam communicated in a way that engaged them as well as the adults in the room. Pam kept a topic that could be mundane very upbeat and brought laughs and good conversation to the room. There are things from the workshop that I still use today, many years later.”

Dawn Hughes

“ Pam’s compassion for others and straight talking make her the perfect Life Coach. Highly recommend you speak with her soon!”