Pam Horton Life Coach

Pam grew up traveling the world as the child of an Army man. Her family finally settled in Vermont where she met both of her husband’s. She is happily married to her business partner and husband of 30+ years.
Pam was a strong-willed child and chose to learn things the hard way. Although, experience provides some of the best lessons. To meet her today, you might see her as a calm, patient, strong, encouraging women who is eager to lend a hand to just about everyone. However, those who knew Pam “when” might describe her a stressed out, grumpy, control freak. See? We can all learn to move forward in a positive direction to have less stress and choose joy.
When Pam graduated high school, she didn’t know what she wanted to get a degree in, so she opted to skip college and get a job. She eventually ended up as a bartender in a hotel night club. After training each new boss as they came through, she finally decided that was ridiculous and went to school, full time, for an associate degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management. She graduated Suma Cum Laude while being a divorced single mom and working full time.
Pam met Jim at an event she was managing. They eventually married and moved to NY. After having her second child, Pam decided to stay home with her children. Once the youngest started school, Pam went to work in the schools. What a great way to have the same schedule as your kids!
After working 12 years in public schools, most as a teacher’s assistant in special education classes, Pam decided to strike out on her own as a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach.

Pam has received a number of certifications such as:

Life Coach
Stress Management Coach
Parenting Coach
Marriage Mentor
Stress and Trauma Coach with a Military Application

Pam was also a member of Toastmasters, filling the roles of Secretary, Public Relations, and President.
She published five books, one with her (then) six-year-old granddaughter and has two more in progress. You can find them all on Amazon.com.
Pam and Jim have two adult sons and five grandchildren. Their oldest son has a boy who was diagnosed with “severe non-verbal autism” at the age of 22 months. Their youngest son is an Army Infantry veteran and is dealing with all that entails.
Pam knows that life can get chaotic and become overwhelming. She also knows ways to help you stress less and choose joy. Her personal success in this area comes from her faith and trust in Jesus Christ.
She didn’t always have this understanding, but once she did Pam was able to look at situations with a different perspective. It has been life altering for her and she’d like to share her knowledge with other women who are struggling to find their way into a more peaceful lifestyle.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Pam… You are always amazing and I love the positive energy you spread… Thanks!

Tina M

Pam, I love your coaching every day. No matter who is listening, you bless my heart and I often need to hear your words. I know I rarely comment, but I love you, sister!! 

Diane P

Pam’s compassion for others and straight talking make her the perfect Life Coach. Highly recommend you speak with her soon!